Tetrad Global Beverages

Alco-Bev Consulting


“We are beverage people, and we love everything about drinks!

We understand how they’re made, where they come from, their stories and what goes into them.

Most importantly, we know how to sell them!”


Brand Endorsement and Marketing

  • We are uniquely positioned to successfully drive beverage brands into new markets with our deep understanding of why one brand may succeed while many do not.
  • Beverage Brands are the core of our business and we truly know and understand all that goes to make them what they are – their history, the passion & skill of their makers; and not
  • It is easy to forget the raw ingredients, techniques, and methods that go into making these iconic drinks, each with their own back-story.

  Events & Experiences

  • We create bar events and experiences that are truly unique and memorable.
  • We can build the concept for your event from scratch or dovetail our deeply researched event concepts into an existing or planned event.
  • We bring our years of experience to bear to ensure your guests are delighted with the offerings of wines, beers, cocktails, mixed drinks, or straight-up beverages.
  • unmatched net-work will ensure that all aspects of the event planning will ‘wow’ your guests with an elegance and style of service that seems to have been lost today.

    We showcase brands to create the perfect positioning with the right audience.

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