Our Partners


Vignobles Arbeau is a celebrated family owned wine and spirits making company for 5 generations with headquarters in Labastide St, Pierre, in the heart of the Compté Tolosan AOP in Southwest France. Géraud Arbeau and Anne Arbeau manage the company’s wine-making and marketing respectively. VA makes wines from Fronton, Gaillac, Compté Tolosan and Bordeaux and export mainly within Europe, the USA, Japan and China and now to India.


Borie-Manoux is one of France’s biggest family-owned winery and wine merchant groups. Founded in 1870 the group owns over a dozen Grands Crus and Classical Chateaux in Bordeaux. They hold a pre-eminent position in their home market and export to around 90 countries.


Groupe Grands Chais de France (o r Groupe GCF) is the 2nd largest wine company in France. Groupe GCF produces over 1,500,000 hl of wine, with a turnover of over a billion euros, and global sales in excess of 44 million cases (9L). Based in Alsace, France, they have vineyards, chateaux, winemaking and bottling operations all over France, Germany, Spain, Hungary and now in China.